Organizations at the community, state, and national level that advocate for/with undocumented individuals.


Northwest Immigrants Rights Project provides consultation and legal support for immigrants including asylum, family services, children & youth, citizenship, DACA, detention & deportation defense.

Community to Community Development (C2C) is a women-led grassroots organization based in Bellingham dedicated to food sovereignty and immigrant rights.

The purpose of Bellingham’s Immigration Advisory Board is to review and evaluate existing policies and make specific recommendations to the Mayor and City Council regarding City policy related to immigration matters.


Washington Dream Coalition is a network of undocumented and formerly undocumented professionals working to address inequities.

Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network (WAISN) is a powerful, volunteer-driven network of immigrant and refugee-rights organizations and individuals distributed across WA that strives to protect, serve and strengthen communities across the state. We work to provide support, capacity and resources to organizations’ efforts to build power and a united voice statewide.

  • To report incidents with WAISN’s hotline: 1-844-724-3737
  • To join WAISN’s text message alert system and for access to resources in multiple languages, text “JOIN” to 253-201-2833

OneAmerica is an immigrant and refugee advocacy organization in Washington State that organizes with and advocates for diverse communities including Latinx, African, and Asian. OneAmerica plays an active and leading role in state and national coalitions working on immigrant rights, education, economic and environmental justice, voting rights, and immigrant integration.

The Beyond HB 10 1079 Conference is a student-run endeavor made possible through collaborations of both college and high school students, higher-education institution support, and dedicated community members who work together towards the common goal of advancing and providing educational opportunities for all students regardless of citizenship. Through a series of workshops, panels, and interactive discussions we hope to provide HB 1079 awareness, provide HB 1079 resources, and foster student empowerment. For more information, please email .

Refugee & Immigrant Services Northwest is a refugee led, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural organization. Our mission is to empower refugees, immigrants, and their families to become self-sufficient and healthy, contributing members of society.

El Centro de la Raza is organization grounded in the Latino community of Washingotn State whose mission is to build the Beloved Community through unifying all racial and economic sectors; to organize, empower, and defend the basic human rights of our most vulnerable and marginalized populations; and to bring critical consciousness, justice, dignity, and equity to all the peoples of the world.

  • El Centro de la Raza provides emergency safety planning services to undocumented individuals who are at risk of being detained or deported.
  • El Centro de la Raza also provides several “know your rights “training sessions to inform newcomers about their rights in different vulnerable scenarios they must be presently facing and the resources and services available to them to confront them. The workshops offered include but are not limited to:  
    • How to interact with immigration agents in public spaces, at workplaces or at home. 
    • The risk of immigrant women of being victims* of gender-based violence, particularly domestic and sexual violence, and the knowledge and insight to confront these risks. 
    • Emergency Safety Planning
    • They are currently working on a workshop directed to children in which we address issues related with immigration so that they can understand the risks their undocumented relatives or people nearest to them may face and the protective measures undocumented families should undertake.

*Regarding the use of “victim” versus “survivor”: A “victim” is typically defined by harm done to them, whereas “survivors” are defined by their lives after the harm, allowing them to reclaim control of their lives and their recovery. While our goal as advocates is to help community members survive and thrive despite harms they have experienced, we sometimes use the term “victim” when referring to a particular aspect of the criminal legal system, penal code, or immigration law; when describing someone recently affected by crime; when talking about the actions of a perpetrator; or when discussing the harm inflicted on those who did not survive. When working with impacted community members, we recommend asking people which term they prefer, as some may identify with the term victim, while others may prefer the term survivor.  


American Council on Education (ACE) advocates for comprehensive immigration reform centering around undocumented students, with a particular focus on advancing fair and equitable DREAM Act legislation. They also work to provide pathways for talented international students — especially STEM students — who wish to remain in the U.S. after completing their studies.

My Undocumented Life provides up-to-date information and resources to undocumented students including scholarship opportunities, strategies for navigating education, news on immigration.

Immigrants Rising empowers undocumented young people to achieve educational and career goals through personal, institutional and policy transformation. Includes scholarship and fellowship information.

Informed Immigrant has information, guidance, and more than 1,000 organizations offering legal support, healthcare services, and more to undocumented families.

National Day Laborer Organizing Network (NDLON) improves the lives of day laborers, migrants and low-wage workers through building leadership and power among those facing injustice so they can challenge inequality and expand labor, civil and political rights for all.

UndocuProfessionals Network is a national network for and by undocumented communities creating career paths regardless of immigration status.

Instagram: @UndocuProfessionalsNetwork