Intersections of Identity

Here are resources lists for those who are undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander, undocumented and Black, undocumented and Disabled, Undocumented and Latiné/Latinx, undocumented and Queer, as well as those who are who undocumented and Indigenous.


Asian Counseling and Referral Services (ACRS) is a multi-service organization in Seattle offering legal immigration services, as well as other services to support Asian Pacific Islanders and other under-served communities.

Asian American and Pacific Islander DACA Collaborative was formed to coordinate outreach activities and legal services to individuals eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

ASPIRE is a pan-Asian undocumented immigrant group based in the San Francisco Bay area whose work is grounded in their personal experience of being undocumented and Asian Pacific Islander. ASPIRE seeks to challenge the hegemonic view of immigration and fight to end inhumane deportations that separate families through legislative visits, community education, and non-violent direct actions. Moreover, ASPIRE supports and empowers young people to advocate for themselves, their families, and their community.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Asian Law Caucus is located in San Francisco, and is the nation’s oldest legal organization defending the civil rights of Asians and Pacific Islanders, particularly low-income, immigrant and underserved communities.


UndocuBlack Network  is a multigenerational network of currently and formerly undocumented Black people that fosters community, facilitates access to resources, and contributes to transforming the realities of our people, so we are thriving and living our fullest lives.

  • The UndocuBlack Guide for Mental Wellness Specialists was created to act as something tangible that Black undocumented folks can take to their mental health providers, with the intent of providing insight and guidance. Additionally, it is meant to act as a resource for mental health providers and the broader community. 

West African Community Council (WACC) provide a variety of early education and child development services, immigration legal support, and other critical support services built on the foundation of unity, equity, and family. WACC’s services are tailored to the West African refugee and immigrant families living in the greater Seattle area.

Effectively Supporting Black Undocumented Students Through Higher Ed is a webinar and Guide created by Immigrants Rising.

African Communities Together is an organization of African immigrants fighting for civil rights, opportunity, and a better life for our families here in the U.S. and worldwide. They connect African immigrants to critical services, help Africans develop as leaders, and organize our communities on the issues that matter.

Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI) educates and engages African American and Black immigrant communities to organize and advocate for racial, social, and economic justice. 

Haitian Bridge Alliance is a collective of organizations & community activists who've come together to help build a solid infrastructure for a Haitian community and assist all Black Immigrants.

Cameroon Advocacy Network is a coalition of organizations and activists across the United States and Cameroon advocating for the freedom and dignity of Cameroonians. They stand in solidarity with all Black immigrants fighting for liberation.

Undocumented Black Girl Podcast is hosted by Denea Joseph, a DACA recipient from Belize who is using this podcast to inform listeners about immigration.

Undocumented and Disabled

Cambiando Vidas is an organization based in Chicago that advocates for the rights of undocumented immigrants with disabilities. Originally intended to educate disabled members of Latinx families on the rights of people with disabilities, the group soon expanded their work to include immigrants’ rights issues after learning about the prevalence of the number of people whom they were serving who are both disabled and undocumented.

Disabled and Undocumented: In/Visibility at the Borders of Presence, Disclosure, and Nation is a peer-reviewed article that unpacks that impact of in/visibility while being undocumented and disabled.

Undocumented and Indigenous

Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism  exposes U.S. border policy as a product of violent territorial expansion, settler-colonialism, enslavement, and gendered racial exclusion. 

Mohawk Interrutpus: Political Life Across the Borders of Settler States

The Red Nation: All Walls Must Fall with Harsha Walia

Undocumented and Latinx / Latiné

Mijente is a digital and grassroots hub for Latinx organizing and movement building. Mijente seeks to contribute to a Latinx social movement that is pro-Black, pro-immigrant, pro-planet, pro-worker, pro-indigenous, because Latinx people are part of all these communities.

Entre Hermanos offers free immigration clinics to LGBTQ+ Latino/a/e/x community.

Mexican Consulate in Seattle is offering financial assistance to DACA recipients of Mexican origin. In order to apply for these funds, you have to go to an in-person interview Monday through Friday, anytime between 8:30am and 2pm.

  • Please take the following documents with you to the Mexican consulate:
    • birth certificate
    • Identification (state ID or license)
    • DACA work authorization card
    • social security provided through DACA
    • Proof of address (mail, etc.)

Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) is a legal advocacy group that does groundbreaking work in advancing educational equality for undocumented students. MALFEF’s scholarship resource guide enables high school, college, and graduate students to access current information about funding opportunities that are available regardless of immigrant status. MALDEF also offers a law school scholarship program, awarding $2,000 to as many as 15 qualifying law students annually.

Latino Civic Alliance promotes advocacy and civic engagement in Washington State by encouraging social responsibility and public service through collaboration with community partners. 


Seattle Counseling Service’s Immigrant, Refugee, Undocumented Outreach (IRUO) Program is a community education and advocacy program working to increase and improve access to culturally and linguistically competent behavioral health services to immigrants, refugees, and undocumented community members. Seattle Counseling Service identified major barriers LGBTQ identified immigrant, refugee, and undocumented individuals face in accessing behavioral health services in the Seattle-King County area.

Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement (Familia:TQLM) works at the local and national levels to achieve the collective liberation of trans, queer, and gender nonconforming Latinxs through building community, organizing, advocacy, and education.

Immigration Equality promotes justice and equality for LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants and families through direct legal services, policy advocacy, and impact litigation.

The Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) recognizes that LGBTQ+ immigrants often experience additional barriers due to their sexual orientation and gender identity. ILRC provides training and resources to ensure that legal services address these complex issues and are provided in a culturally competent manner. 

Entre Hermanos offers free immigration clinics to LGBTQ+ Latino/a/e/x community.

I Am UndocuQueer! Series is an ongoing art collaboration between Julio Salgado and community activist groups such as the Undocumented Queer Youth Collective and the Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project that aims to give undocumented queer people more of a presence in the discussion of migrant rights.