Mission and Area of Focus

Our Mission

The mission of the Black Student Coalition is to provide African-American, Black, and African Diaspora students at Western Washington University a community of support on campus, while creating an environment filled with resources for students' academic success, holistic wellbeing, and professional development. The coalition is to be one entity that acts as a centralized funding source, as well as a center where Black students can connect, collaborate, and learn together and from each other.

The Black Student Coalition gathered together in front of a colorful green, orange, and red backdrop

Our Five Areas of Focus

Academic Success

Academic Success to us means that students who enter Western Washington University can find and get into a major they are interested in without much delay. As well as graduate within a reasonable time period and not be held back by preventable measures.

Professional Enrichment

Professional Enrichment is defined as students being prepared for the job market and being able to access resources that can prepare students for their intended careers.

Community Development

Ensuring the Black community stays supported by one another. This requires internal reflection on community needs, and ensuring that as a group we are growing, learning, and supporting one another.

Social Awareness

Understanding different perspectives, and learning from people who have different backgrounds, ideas, and cultures.

Holistic Wellbeing

Prioritizing the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of all of our students as well as having students learn more about themselves.