ESC Clubs

What is an ESC Club?

An ESC club is a cultural/ethnic student group that is recognized as a club by the Associated Students of WWU and is committed to the ESC mission statement. Clubs meet regularly in the ESC and other places throughout campus. These meetings are great opportunities to meet new people, network, make friends, and have fun. Clubs also offer various activities for all students to get involved in, ranging from traditional and modern dance groups to volunteer opportunities within the community. Different events are also hosted by these clubs throughout the year. Anyone may join or be involved with the ESC and its clubs.

How can I get Involved?

There are several ways to get involved with the ESC. Our clubs offer a wide range of opportunities for involvement from volunteering and social justice, to performing arts and discussion groups. Alongside the ESC clubs, the office itself offers larger events such as:

     Night Market : a market style evening where clubs can sell food, merchandise, and host performances and music to promote their clubs and engage with the Bellingham community. Night Market serves as a large fundraiser for ESC clubs who participate as vendors.  

    WILD (Western Intersectional Lobby Day) : a lobbying opportunity that allows students to advocate for bills and priorities that may affect them, their families, and/or larger communities. Students have lobbied for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Health Equity, Disability access and rights, and much more.

    ESC Retreat : this is an annual event that takes place off-campus and engages new and returning students who register for a weekend of social justice workshops and activities. This conference has been historically influential in the past in creating student networks, lasting friendships, and providing space for identity development and growth.  

   Black LGBTQ+ Thriving Collective : The Black LGBTQ+ Thriving Collective is a collaboration between LGBTQ+ Western and the ESC. It exists to advance the holistic wellness and academic success of Black LGBTQ+ Western students through:

  • Fostering social connection among peers
  • Providing leadership development opportunities, including through programming
  • Mentoring and connecting students with resources across the university
  • Maintaining a regular line of communication with the LGBTQ+ Director and Ethnic Student Center as they work across the university to advance support for Black LGBTQ+ students

For more information on how to connect with clubs or get involved with the ESC in general, please contact the ESC Club Advisor & Program Manager, Chelsea Joefield at

Why get involved?

  • To meet new people and have fun.
  • To be part of a respectful, safe, sharing community.
  • To learn and share knowledge.
  • An opportunity for positive social change.
  • To develop personal & career skills.
  • To develop leadership skills.