Black Student Coalition

Group of Black Coalition Students smiling in the sunshine, wearing t-shirts and shorts in front of a wooden outbuilding perched on the edge of Bellingham Bay.

Welcome to the Black Student Coalition (BSC). A space created through Black student advocacy. A space that supports Black student success. A space that centers the education and celebration of Black identity.  

The BSC was created through the advocacy of our Black students. In 2021, we opened the doors of the BSC, located in Viking Union 504. You can find social spaces to connect with other students, student office space for meetings, and study space. Our BSC Coordinator and student staff are here to help support you in your journey. We encourage you to reach out and stop by the BSC. Check back soon to learn more about our events, resources, and ways we can support you. 

Black Resistance; Black Joy

Black History Month Celebration

Back to Black: The word Black has a gold scribble above the A representing a crown while the letters are formed with bold graphic yellow, red, blue and black triangles.


This year’s theme of “Back to B.L.A.C.K. A Legacy of Art" honors the creativity and beauty that members of the Black Community have contributed to our world. We explore how we can show up as our authentic selves, embody art, and encourage allies to create spaces where Blackness is not only centered but uplifted. Allies, we invite you into community, to learn what it means to be anti-racist and what your role and responsibility is in creating safer spaces for Black communities to thrive. We hope that you take the time to explore, reflect, understand, and celebrate the Black experience in the array of offerings during this month-long celebration.